Environmental Consulting

The Thin Page provides comprehensive and integrated environmental services to public and private sector in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Management Action Plan, Project and Environmental Management, Carbon calculation and Offsetting, Environmental Quality Assessment and social auditing, industry specific environmental compliances.

Our environmental consulting service includes:

  • Environmental Assessment (IEE/EIA)
  • Environmental Planning
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Industry and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Design
  • Carbon Management
  • Environmental Education
  • Climate Field School

The Thin Page provides a range of services to help clients manage their complex and multi-faceted environmental programs. Our dedicated and expert team of social science, environmental science and economics provides integrated environmental assessments. We provide you Environmental Assessment services from the beginning of screening and scoping to planning. The Thin Page is capable of undertaking Environmental Assessments for a range of diverse projects;

  • Transport Sector
  • Water Supply
  • Micro Hydro and Alternative Energy
  • Solid Wastes Management
  • Hydropower Sector

The Thin Page combines knowledge and experience with teams of experts to develop environmental planning to industries and corporate world from beginning of visioning and implementation. Our approach of sustainable development for environmental planning is based on the need of community’s people, economy and environment. Our team is committed to providing integrated approach for solution based planning. The Thin Page prepares the environment planning of different sector,

  • Real State
  • Consumer Products
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Infrastructure and Transport
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Financial Institutions

The Thin Page helps the clients to reduce the waste, pollution prevention and carbon reduction. We offer a multi-disciplinary skill and expertise along with services in order to achieve the sustainability in business sectors. We work with clients to pursue the economic growth maintaining the environment. The Thin Page works in different sectors;

  • Industry
  • Corporate
  • Small and large business

Around the world, industries are prime emitters of carbon and carbon compound, which is the major cause of current global warming and climate change. Global climate change has also impact in industry and specifically in production and sustainable operation of industry. The Thin Page provides industry specific energy efficiency and carbon management recommendations to address the global performance of industries through reduction in carbon emission and adaptation to climate change. The Industry and climate change services are as follows;

  • Industry specific Climate Change Services
  • Ambient air impact assessments and monitoring
  • Carbon foot-printing
  • Emissions inventories
  • Energy and resource mapping and efficiency
  • Climate change risk, adaptation, mitigation strategy and implementation
  • Solid waste management programs
  • Green Industry programs

Sustainable design means homes/hotels that are designed and constructed to reduce the overall environmental impact during and after construction. The Thin Page works in sustainable housing designing from planning to implementation in a collective way through its expert team. We accomplish sustainable homes/hotels designing by waste reduction (3-R), reduction in energy consumption, water use, landscape management, waste management, health and sanitation. Reducing green house gases and reducing environmental degradation. The services offered are as follows;

  • Landscape Planning
  • Energy Efficiency Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Waste Management Planning
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Efficient water use planning
  • Waste Water Management

The Thin Page with team of experts from different discipline of science support corporate and industry sector in reducing the carbon emission from their energy based economic activities. Our team of experts can provide strategic advice to help corporate and industry sector to assess and reduce the carbon emission. The carbon management provides following services;

  • Carbon emission assessment
  • Carbon reduction planning
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Carbon neutral label

The Thin Page provides comprehensive services to schools, technical education and vocational intuitions and universities in the field of ecology, environmental education, sustainable development, climate change, disaster risk reduction through curriculum module development, instrumental programs and educations resources. Thin Page provides following services in environmental education;

  • Curriculum module development and design
  • Programs planning, development and management
  • Teacher training
  • E-learning
  • Educational resources development

Nepal is one of the climate vulnerable countries in world. Current climate change has severe impacts on water resources and agricultural is increasing across the country deepening the food security level. At one end very less development and improvements in current agricultural systems; in other hand scientific and real time information are not reaching to farmers. So, climate communication is the key to farmers to make right decision in current climate change scenario. The Thin Page provides following services on Climate Field School,

  • Training Manual Development
  • IEC materials
  • Climate Communication technology development
  • Climate Communication Manual Development
  • Knowledge management and dissemination

Research & Development

The Thin Page offers an international platform for the research and development in the area of Climate Change, Water Resources, Biodiversity Conservation and Management, Green Growth and Development, Sustainable Development, Knowledge Management.

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Environmental Consulting

The Thin Page provides comprehensive and integrated environmental services to public and private sector in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Management Plan, Project and Environmental Management.

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Education & Training

The Thin Page is in close collaboration with national and international education and training organizations provides the capacity building education and training program different stakeholder’s viz. Governments, Private Companies and Civil Society Organizations.

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